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Family Sitting In Front Of House, Homeowners Insurance, Yardley Image - Fidishun Insurance & Financial Inc.Your home is so much more than four walls and a roof. Your home represents your hopes, your dreams, your family, and your lifestyle. Protect the enormous investment you’ve made both financially and emotionally with a homeowner’s policy today.

Homeowner’s Insurance Coverage Types

A standard homeowner’s insurance policy includes four types of coverage:

Structural coverage:
This covers damage caused by windstorms, hail, and more. Damage related to flooding, earthquakes, and sewer backups are not covered in the standard policy and must be purchased separately.

Personal belongings coverage:
This protects the contents of your house that have been stolen or destroyed from vandalism, theft, or an insured disaster such as fire.

Additional living expenses coverage:
This coverage is included, should you be forced out of your home due to an insured disaster or incident. The expenses incurred while your home is being repaired or rebuilt maybe be covered through your homeowner’s policy.

Liability protection coverage:
This is always included through homeowner’s policies. This coverage is for accidents and injuries that occur on your property as well as any property damage that the policyholder family members may cause to other people or property. This liability coverage also includes protection against claims or lawsuits.

The standard homeowner’s insurance policy covers several perils, however earthquakes and floods often require separate, supplemental coverage. There are many other additional homeowner coverage options that do not come standard and will need to be purchased separately.

Homeowners Coverage Options

In addition to the standard homeowner’s policy, there are a number of coverage options that can be used to provide a wider range of protection.

Renters Insurance:
The average homeowner’s policy covers the damage to or loss of personal contents however that coverage does not extend to renters. As such, the ordinary tenant would lose everything if their apartment was ravaged by a fire. Purchasing renter’s insurance would give the tenant the same personal property protection afforded to homeowners. If you are interested in learning more about renters insurance, please visit our renter’s insurance page.

Flood Insurance:
If you reside in a flood zone, it is beneficial to you to purchase coverage from the National Flood Insurance Program. Some mortgage companies actually require flood insurance if you reside in a flood zone. Failure to have this coverage could put you at the mercy of rising floodwaters and severe damage.

Umbrella Coverage:
For those who want extra protection from major lawsuits and insurance claims, umbrella coverage is also available. These policies provide additional liability insurance which is popular with clients who own a lot of assets. The comprehensive form of coverage will help protect their property and its contents well above the standard limits of the average home insurance policy.

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