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Auto Insurance, Bucks County, Small Business Van Fleet Image - Fidishun Insurance & Financial Inc.At Fidishun Insurance & Financial Inc., we represent many top-rated companies which enables us to find you the best commercial auto policy. Commercial auto policies can provide the liability, collision, and comprehensive coverage you need and deserve. We will find you the perfect policy to meet your exact needs whether you use your vehicle(s) for contractor or any service related work, retail, wholesale, or delivery work, even dealerships, garages, and bodyshops.

Business Auto Insurance That Fits Your Business

As a business owner or manager, it is important to know that commercial-use vehicles require coverage that is not covered by personal auto policies. Knowing the difference is important business—for your business.

Commercial auto policy holders often prefer to have not only the liability coverage of bodily injury and property damage but also personal injury and uninsured motorist coverage.

  1. Liability insurance concerns the “at fault” party in an accident and who will cover most of the mechanical or medical costs involved with the accident. In a normal accident involving two vehicles, liability would be applied to either you or the other driver. With businesses, liability is more complicated. Most commercial businesses need to cover the following:
    • Owned vehicles
    • Hired vehicles
    • Non-owned vehicles used by employees or partners for business purposes
    • Rental or temporary vehicles used for business purposes
    • Equipment attached to these vehicles, such as small trailers
  2. Comprehensive protection pays for the damage to your vehicle(s) that is not caused by traffic accidents, such as auto theft, vandalism, and other insured perils. Some policies even cover hail or ice damage, which is common during our long Pennsylvania winters.
  3. Collision coverage includes compensation for the damage to your vehicle when you hit or the vehicle is hit by another car or a stationary object. Depending on your policy, this coverage may cover accidents in parking lots or on private property, as well as accidents like running into a curb or tree.

Our agents can work with you to find a policy that works best for you and your business.

Garage Auto Policy

Since dealerships, repair garages, and body shops often deal with both commercial and personal vehicles, special coverage is essential. The right garage auto policy can cover damage to or even caused by garage-owned and customer-owned vehicles.

Even with all this information, navigating commercial auto policies can be tricky. Please contact one of us here at Fidishun Insurance & Financial Inc. by using our contact form, or calling us at (215) 750-9000. Our agents have over 10 years’ experience. When you work with us, you can expect competitive pricing and superior customer service, all from a local company you can trust. We keep you protected.

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