Every Small Business Needs a Business Preparedness Plan

March 4th, 2016 Attention,Insurance,News

Conventional wisdom states that failing to plan is actually a plan for failure.  Anyone who owns and operates a company must consider small business insurance as a part of a comprehensive preparedness plan.  Natural disasters to terrorist attacks can be devastating, so it is imperative that small business owners’ map out the company’s future and have a plan in place to help minimize damages and maximize success. Fidishun Small Business Insurance

Managing the Emergency

After a disaster, managing the aftermath is high on the to-do list for a business owners.  This is exactly where small business insurance becomes extremely important.  Assessing the situation generally occurs first to determine the extent of the damage, allowing the available resources to be allocated to help care for people’s needs and the needs of the company.

Continuity Counts

After the initial damage control, it is time for the company to move forward.  The basic functions of the business will need to be maintained, both internally among employees and externally with all customers and clients.  Most companies haves a baseline operating level that includes a specific number of employees, equipment, materials, and procedures necessary to accomplish the basic operations needed to function.  Having an operational flow chart in place that outlines critical operations will help the company move forward after a disaster, even if in a limited state.

Setting Priorities

Knowing the company’s key suppliers is another safeguard that can help with emergency preparedness.  Several customers and services will become more of a priority in an emergency situation.  Identifying these priorities will help ensure that they receive the attention that they need.  

Exploring all contingencies and responsibilities that may need to be covered after a disaster will help the company to resume business with as little interruption in services and operations as possible.  In the aftermath of a disaster small business insurance will help the establishment survive, recover, and continue to succeed.

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